Workplace Ethics

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This list sometimes is called the Golden Rules of Daily Life. We might smile at the antique wisdom, however, it is a practical example of everyday ethics: My behavior has consequences. You are welcome to download this document and adapt it for your own workplace’s staff or break room.

lock art for blogIf you open it, close it.
If you move it or take it out, put it back.
If you turn it on, turn it off.
If you take it down, hang it up.
If you unlock it, lock it up.
If you drop it, pick it up.
If you track it in, mop it up.
If you spill it, wipe it up or sweep it up.
If it belongs to someone else, ask permission to use it.


spilt coffee art for blog If you find it broken, get it fixed or replaced.
If you find it dirty, clean it before you use it.
If you find it empty, fill it up.
If you use it, take care of it before you return it:
If you dirty it, clean it.
If you break it or use it up, admit it, and…
Then fix it, replace it, fill it up, or find someone who can.
If you bring it, share it.
If it is your turn, do it.
If it needs to be done, volunteer sometimes…
Even if it’s not your turn.
If you don’t know, ask, unless it is none of your business.