Terms Of Service

Our terms of service are based on two simple ideas:

  1. Treat each other with what most people would recognize as common courtesy.
  2. Don’t take or use other people’s property without permission.

This means:

  1. Don’t let your behavior, including your written comments, interfere with the business of this site and the ability of others to participate. We reserve the right to say good-bye and allow you to spend time somewhere else.
  2. Abide by the copyrights posted on this site and on its materials. Don’t assume you have the right to copy, take, use, or sell anything here in any format, unless you have permission in writing from a staff member of Pattern Research, Inc., or it is stated explicitly to a group during a program. In some cases, we have print documents that are not copyright-protected, which we expect you will share with others. Or, you have a contract with us to share or re-sell our webinars.  In any case, individual webinars, videos, documents, materials, files, etc., will be labeled.

We are good at negotiating, so let’s talk first if you are interested in using materials.