Mistakes Only Experienced Instructional Designers Make

I will be attending InstructureCon 2013 this week in Park City, Utah. Besides immersing myself in the world of Canvas with Tim Sullard and Bronwen Abbattista, I will be presenting a program on the pitfalls of being an experienced instructional designer; what happens when success makes one a tad smug and indifferent. – Pat Wagner

Photo Credit: This work is in the public domain.http://commons.wikimedia. org/wiki/File:Albert_Einstein_Head.jpgMistakes Only Experienced Instructional Designers Make

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013, 3:15 pm- 3:45 pm Kokopelli 3 (Higher Ed track)

Have you have been designing online courses for more than five years – a generation in ID dog-years? Along with the wisdom that comes from experience you might have also acquired some bad habits. Learn to identify typical blind spots that even experienced designers develop, from relying heavily on favorite templates to refusing to adopt new technologies that challenge your status as head ID geek. Topics include isolating yourself from student feedback, falling in love with the first theory you mastered, and not understanding the demands working adults face while taking online courses.

Photo Credit: This work is in the public domain.http://commons.wikimedia. org/wiki/File:Albert_Einstein_Head.jpg

Introducing our Independent Study Program

You want to know how to do something better: market an event, look for a job, work out a strategy for improving your relationship with a co-worker or boss, edit a newsletter, or run a meeting. But you want a learning experience that is specific to your situation, where you can discuss your issues progress one-on-one at your convenience.

When a YouTube video is too generalized, when a scheduled class does not coincide with your calendar, when you need the structure of assignments but don’t want a structured course, when your travel budget is limited, and when confidentiality is an issue, an independent study program might be the answer. Almost all of the topics in our database lend themselves to the independent study model. For example:

Do you want to help deciding whether to write a publish a book?

Do you need help writing a strategic plan? (It’s your first time.)

Do you need to prepare for a presentation for the boss of your boss?

An independent study program is more than mentoring or coaching sessions. It is your private classroom, face-to-face or virtual, where you learn information about a topic in the format that suits you best. You can receive assignments to read, write, and take action, discuss ideas with your private tutor, and customize the curriculum to suit your situation.

Personally, I did most of my college work via independent study at Goddard College and the University Without Walls program. So, I am very familiar with the model and how to make the experience productive for participants.

Don’t see a topic that fits your needs? Let’s chat and see if we can find you the people and resources you need.