What Libraries Need To Know To Help Local Businesses Succeed

We have worked for libraries since 1978 and for business start-ups longer. Although we applaud the work public libraries are doing to support business success, we have noticed an interesting disconnect. Most of our friends who work in libraries have never started or run a successful business. It is one thing to watch a relative or friend spend long hours from idea to new business and on to success or failure, but watching is different from doing it yourself. And it also makes a difference if you have been involved hands-on with different business models and in different fields and not just one enterprise.

What Libraries Need To Know To Help Local Businesses Succeed

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 from 10:30 am to 11:30 am Eastern Time (USA)

Fee:  $49.00. Receive a discount of $20.00 when you use the discount code SAVE20.

Photo Credit: The Library of Congress 1939. No known copyright descriptions. This is an adaptation of the original work. http://www.flickr.com/photos/library_of_congress/2179131683Libraries help people start and grow neighborhood businesses with programs on government licensing and funding, as well as workshops on research. But how many people on your staff have ever run a successful business? How can you help the self-employed professional or artisan who won’t qualify for a bank loan? What about the unemployed dreamer who needs a reality check about what it takes to open a restaurant or make money from an invention? Who in your community can offer advice that applies to current business models? Can you offer business-support services that will create new jobs in your community?

Participants will learn how to:

– Better see, hear, and understand the challenges to small business success; it is not just about filling out forms.

– Identify and target the different kinds of businesses, business models, and business owners:

– Build a team of local business owners to provide advice on relevant programming,
funding, marketing, and personnel issues.