Start Up The Music

Everybody is a teacher. Everybody is a learner. Everybody inspires everybody else. This is the underlying philosophy of Siera, the newest project from Pattern Research, Inc.

We create affordable and effective educational programs – online and face-to-face – by which working adults can learn new skills and further their careers. We also provide resources for employers, educators, consultants, and teachers who want to elicit the best from the people they support. We partner with our clients and participants to leverage knowledge and success.

My name is Pat Wagner, and I am part of a team of dedicated educators, technologists, artists, instructional designers, and subject matter specialists.

We know that everyone reading this knows more than we do about some important aspect of the work we share. That trust and respect need to be earned every day and that credentials don’t automatically confer special virtue. That online education is new enough that no one is really an expert and that dozens of different theories about education, instructional design, and online learning contradict each other. And that good will and empathy go a long way towards building effective learning environments.

The lovely shot of Hill Country wildflowers in Texas below, taken by Leif Smith, one of our founders, represents the beauty of spontaneous order, a concept that impacts our work.



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  1. Exploring “the beauty of spontaneous order” is as fine a description of training-teaching-learning as I have ever seen, and Leif’s gorgeous photograph provides a tool for helping us hold onto that idea. Thanks for the post; looking forward to seeing more from you.

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