Your Team: The Four People Necessary to Make Your Business Successful

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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One person’s smarts and hard work are rarely enough to create a successful business, even for the solo entrepreneur. If you don’t excel at all of these four sets of skills – leadership, management, technology, and sales – you need to build a team of partners, employees, and vendors who do. Learn who these people are, where to find them, and how to know if you have recruited the right people.


  • Introduction: Why You Need A Team
  • The Key Idea: Four Sets Of Skills Are The Foundation For Small Business Success
  • Leadership: The Vision, Focus, Inspiration, And Energy Of The Entrepreneur
  • Management: Managing Deadlines, Numbers, People, And Things, And Making Sure Forms Get Filed On Time
  • Technology: Your Widgets Need To Be Made On Time, Of Consistent Quality, And Sold For More Than It Costs To Make Them
  • Sales: Who Knows How To Leave The Meeting With A Check That Clears The Bank?
  • Recruitment And Retention: Attracting And Keeping The Right People


  • Identify your business team’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Write a personnel plan with strategies and timelines: By when do you need that “right” person in place.
  • Build an advisory board to build your own skills.

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