You Don’t Need Robert to Keep Your Meetings Orderly

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: AM 112

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Your committee, board, or team probably could use better methods to run your meetings. But are your choices passive chaos, benign dictatorship, or an 800-page reference manual? Learn simple, effective methods of group self-governance that ensure everyone is heard and the meeting’s work gets completed in a timely and civil fashion.


  • Introduction: What Makes Meetings Work?
  • The Key Idea: Meetings Need Flexible Rules That Participants Create And Support
  • Decisions: Who, What, How, And By When
  • Insurance: Anticipate And Communicate Problem-Solving
  • Taking Turns, Straw Polls, And Sampling Opinions
  • Everyone Gets To Be A Facilitator
  • When To Bring In An Outsider


  • Co-create meeting guidelines that are easy to follow.
  • Establish culture of trust and respect.
  • Ensure decisions are made with full participation.

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