Writing Benefit Statements to Sell Products, Services, and Ideas

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Features are what you love about your product, service, or great idea. Benefits are what the customers or clients accomplishes in their lives, on their terms. So you might love that your shovel is lightweight; the customer likes that they can use it longer without tiring. Benefit statements allow you to stand in your customers’ shoes and describe your offerings from their point of view with concrete details and words that make sense to them.


  • Introduction: What Are The Differences Between Features And Benefits?
  • The Key Idea: See Your Enterprise From Your Customer’s Point Of View
  • Recruiting Customers And Clients To Write Their Stories
  • Benefits: How Are Their Lives Better? What Changes?
  • Practice: Write Multiple Benefits Statements For Each Feature
  • Choosing The Right Illustrations
  • Apply The Benefits Statements Model To Create New Offerings


  • Create more effective sales material.
  • Engage customers in creating products and services.
  • Refresh old material with new stories.

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