Write It Fast! Tricks Journalists and Other Professional Writers Use To Meet Impossible Deadlines

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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What if someone asked you to write 800 sparkling words on gelatin salads, by 4pm? Or a radio news brief, in 15 minutes? Writers who work for professional media outlets on tight and continuous deadlines – newspapers, radio and television news, blogs that cover breaking stories – learn how to respond quickly and accurately. Writer’s block is not an option!


  • Introduction: How Professional Writers Thrive During Deadlines
  • The Key Idea: Prepare Before You Start Writing
  • Even A Short Piece Needs An Outline
  • Focus On Your Priorities: First Things First
  • Keep A Back-Up File Of Inspiring Samples
  • Don’t Wait For Inspiration – Just Write!
  • Always Leave Time For Editing


  • Feel more confident and competent during deadlines.
  • Keep your editor happy.
  • Develop a new marketable skill.

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