Workplace Assignments that Change Behavior

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: SV 211

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Most conversations that supervisors and employees have about problems are no more than “warm chats”. Words of concern and regret are exchanged, but behaviors do not change. Instead, most conversations should be about concrete expectations, assignments, and deadlines. Not just a discussion of the past, but concrete actions in the future.


  • Introduction: An Outline For Giving Assignments
  • The Key Idea: Words Often Are Not Enough
  • What Do You Want To Have Happen Instead?
  • Assignments Satisfy The Need For Concrete Evidence
  • The Details: Reasonable For The Person’s Skills
  • Requires Physical Evidence Within A Set Time Frame
  • What Happens When The Assignment Is Not Completed?


  • Focus conversations about behavioral issues on concrete change and improvement.
  • Remove the ambiguity of expectations between employee and supervisors.
  • Turn resources to growth instead of focusing on past mistakes and disagreements.

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