Words That Work: Details that Can Win Support – More Proven Techniques

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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What words work the best? Case studies and examples can demonstrate how specific language can be applied to specific situations: education, sales, conflict management, customer service, and general persuasion. The more choices you have at hand, the more comfortable you will feel refining your responses, particularly in emotional situations.


  • Introduction: How To Use Words To Improve Influence
  • The Key Idea: Details In Communication Can Make A Big Difference
  • The Formal Classroom: Making Participants Feel Valued
  • The Committee: Promoting Your Idea
  • The Front Counter: Selling Products And Services
  • The Executive Board: Winning Political Support
  • Other Templates: Time, Detail, Scope, Point Of View


  • Practice and improve more effective wording of words and phrases.
  • Collect and apply more strategies to difficult conversations.
  • Increase influence with co-workers, bosses, and co-workers.

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