Winning Votes With Integrity

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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The Siera Spotlight Series examines underlying principles and theories that support practical approaches to work, classroom, and career challenges.

For some, ethical politics is an oxymoron. It is possible if you remember that it is about earning the trust and respect of the people whose support you are seeking. Whether you are running for public office, asking an elected board for a yes on your budget, or selling an idea to a committee, the same principles apply to both elections and campaigns.


  • Introduction: Every Group Is Made Up Of Individuals
  • The Key Idea: Focus First On Your Supporters
  • The Basics Of Principled Campaigns
  • Establish And Maintain Support From Your Fans
  • Find The Selling Points For The Undecided
  • Neutralize Your Opponents With Courtesy and Respect
  • Engage And Inspire The Uncommitted


  • Build a campaign that builds good relations.
  • Create consistent guidelines to keep on message.
  • Avoid harming your community or institution.

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