Why Technology Fails: For People Who Plan, Buy, and Manage Tools

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Most of the people who have the final say when buying technology don’t necessarily know much about it. They look at spreadsheets, which might not tell them that the more expensive purchase has the best repair record and upgrading the bargain will cost a small fortune. And few workplaces invest enough in training staff, relying too heavily on the all knowing tech department.


  • Introduction: Who Should Manage Your Technology?
  • The Key Idea: Nothing Is Permanent Or Easy
  • Knowing The Real Costs Of Technology
  • Planning For Failure
  • False Economies: Ignoring The Future
  • The Necessity Of Front Line Competency: Pump Your Own Gas
  • Focus On Goals; Beware Of Falling In Love With One Technology


  • Prepare more successfully to purchase and manage workplace technology.
  • Create more accurate technology budgets.
  • Anticipate future costs in longterm planning.

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