Why I Didn’t Review Your Book

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For fourteen years I reviewed books for The Bloomsbury Review, mostly nonfiction from smaller regional, independent, and academic presses. Perhaps 3% survived the cut. What criteria did I use to choose the books to read and write about? Some were technical issues, such as a book that was poorly printed or years out-of-date. The good news is that most problems that can be fixed in your next edition, paper or e-format.


  • Introduction: Did You Get Me Your Book In Time?
  • The Key Idea: Pay Attention To What Goes Into A Great Book
  • The Big Turn-Offs, Or I Won’t Pay For Your 180-page Brochure
  • What Your Editor Did Wrong (Or Why You Needed One)
  • Technical Missteps, From Illegible Type To Missing Index
  • How Is Your Book Truly Different: The Salsa Cookbook Dilemma?
  • What Can’t Be Fixed


  • Produce a book more likely to be reviewed, sold, and recommended by readers.
  • Save time and money by hiring the right professionals.
  • Fix a book for its next printing.

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