Where Will the Next Leaders Come From?

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Potential workplace leaders can be found everywhere. You need to be on the lookout for leadership talent, recruit it, orient it, train it, and mentor it. And, as soon as possible, give potential leaders responsibility and authority over projects and people, so they can find opportunities to grow. Today is not soon enough!


  • Introduction: A Demographic Crisis
  • The Key Idea: Nurturing Leaders Should Be A Priority
  • Where Can Potential Leaders Be Found?
  • What Are Characteristics Of Leadership Ability?
  • How Can Leadership Training Be Integrated Into A Busy Workplace?
  • Can Leadership Opportunities Be Integrated Into A Small Organization?
  • What If Young Leaders Leave For Better Opportunities?


  • Identify and recruit potential leaders for your workplace.
  • Create and implement ongoing training programs.
  • Delegate leadership roles sooner.

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