What Libraries Need To Know To Help Local Businesses Succeed

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: LI 211

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Many libraries help people start and grow neighborhood businesses with programs on government licensing and funding, as well as workshops on research. But how many people on your staff have ever run a successful business? How can you help the self-employed professional or artisan who won’t qualify for a bank loan or whose licensing needs are minimal? What about the unemployed dreamer who needs a reality check about what it takes to open a restaurant or make money from an invention? Do you know what most businesses really need?


  • Introduction: What’s Different About Running a Business?
  • The Key Idea: Learn About Business From A Businessowner’s Point of View
  • What Do You Know About Business? Different Kinds of Businesses
  • Why Businesses Fail: Can You Help? It’s Not Just Research and Licenses.
  • Partner With Business Owners And Allies.
  • The Important Database: People
  • Resources


  • Better see, hear, and understand challenges to small business and start-up success.
  • Identify and target different kinds of businesses, business models, and business owners.
  • Build team of local business owners to provide advice on relevant programming.
  • Create database of hands-on experts with the real scoop on planning, funding, marketing, and personnel issues.

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