What Job-Hunting Books Never Tell You About Network-Building

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Does networking mean thrusting resumes at total strangers and expecting them to give you the private numbers of important people? Or spamming online discussion groups with your request for job-hunting help? Building a job-hunting network starts with investing in relationships and understanding the points of view of the people whose help you are requesting. Without reciprocity, networking efforts will fail.


  • Introduction: A Networking Case Study
  • The Key Idea: Offer Help Before You Ask For It
  • Advice And Connections: What Can Networking Do For You?
  • Dig The Well Before You’re Thirsty: Who Do You Keep In Touch With?
  • Engaging Potential Contacts: Why Should They Help You?
  • Follow-thru: Networking Is More Than Collecting Names
  • A Thank-you Puts You In Top 1% Of Job-Hunters


  • Improve success during information interviews.
  • Expand the scope of networking activities.
  • Be the person contacts want to hear from again.

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