What Does a Library Marketing Plan Look Like, and What Does It Do for You?

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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A library marketing plan provide goals, deadlines, and assignments. It can be part of a larger strategic plan or a parallel document that mirrors the goals, strategies, and tactics. It can also be a stand-alone document tied to a specific project or event. A written plan, with a calendar, benchmarks, and checkpoints can help align resources and focus efforts on shared outcomes. Which is better for your situation?


  • Introduction: Why Do We Need a Written Plan?
  • The Key Idea: Write It Down.
  • The Main Elements
  • Marketing: Part Of A Larger Plan
  • Marketing: A Mirrored or Parallel Plan
  • The Separate Marketing Plan
  • Making It Work: Project management


  • Write a basic marketing plan for your organization or event.
  • Create a time frame for meeting deadlines.
  • Communicate goals and strategies to a team.

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