Weeding: Staff and Community Issues

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: LI 281

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In recent years, library weeding projects have become increasingly controversial, even resulting in staff mutinies, firings, the resignation and firing of directors. Even when the library’s staff and director have taken care to follow established guidelines, they are accused of censorship, book burning, and destroying public property. How can you safeguard your next weeding initiative and keep it from making local headlines?


  • Introduction: Weeding Dramas
  • The Key Idea: Transparency creates and supports trust and respect.
  • Involve Your Staff and Community Today
  • Important Weeding Issues for Stakeholders
  • Why Weeding Initiatives Fail
  • Starting Right
  • Fixing Problems


  • Create external support team for community relations.
  • Promote collection development and weeding education for everyone, including staff, board, community, and media.
  • Provide formal feedback on strategic goals from community and staff

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