The Thinking Person’s Guide To Stress Management

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Stress management is more than popping vitamins, watching movies, or drinking adult beverages. A successful stress management plan includes four strategies: preparing for a stressful event or day, respite during the day, repairing from difficult times, and prevention – making better choices. The key to success is to customize the strategies with techniques that fit your lifestyle and culture.


  • Introduction: Fight, Flight, Or Use Your Brain
  • The Key Idea: Prevention Is Better Than Reaction
  • Preparing For The Next Stressful Event
  • Microbreaks, Snacks, And Mental Vacations: Workplace Respite
  • Repair: What We Can Learn From Grief Therapy
  • Saying No To Stressful Relationships And Environments
  • What Works For Most People Most Of The Time: Laughter


  • Change behaviors that lead to unhealthy stress.
  • Develop workplace rituals that promote wellness.
  • Develop personal routines to promote sleep, diet, and exercise.

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