The Thinking Person’s Guide To Stress Management

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Stress management is more than popping vitamins, watching movies, or drinking adult beverages. A successful stress management plan includes four strategies: preparing for a stressful event or day, respite during the day, repairing from difficult times, and prevention Рmaking better choices. The key to success is to customize the strategies with techniques that fit your lifestyle and culture.


  • Introduction: Fight, Flight, Or Use Your Brain
  • The Key Idea: Prevention Is Better Than Reaction
  • Preparing For The Next Stressful Event
  • Microbreaks, Snacks, And Mental Vacations: Workplace Respite
  • Repair: What We Can Learn From Grief Therapy
  • Saying No To Stressful Relationships And Environments
  • What Works For Most People Most Of The Time: Laughter


  • Change behaviors that lead to unhealthy stress.
  • Develop workplace rituals that promote wellness.
  • Develop personal routines to promote sleep, diet, and exercise.

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