The Seven-step Model For Solving Communication Problems

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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The Siera Spotlight Series examines underlying principles and theories that support practical approaches to work, classroom, and career challenges.

When we become successful, we also can become smug and complacent. To stay mentally alert and limber, it’s good to review many different models for resolving problems and improving our effectiveness in new situations. These seven steps balance classical virtues with specific actions that can be applied to many workplace issues.


  • Introduction: How To Use Models Of Behavior To Improve Skills
  • The Key Idea: Shortcuts Can Impact Success
  • Good Results Start With Goodwill
  • Stay Curious: Stay Fresh
  • Precision And Creativity: Deciding A Course Of Action
  • Focus And Courage: Make The Play
  • Responsibility: Evaluating Your Results


  • Plan specific strategies for difficult workplace problems.
  • Review and change plans that are stalled or that have failed in the past.
  • Create multiple options before attempting to “fix” a situation.

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