The Preference Model: Team Communication Skills

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Many workplaces use personality tests to help people understand themselves and each other. However, if applied incorrectly, they can cost an organization time and money, even if they appear to result in increased productivity. Sometimes what is needed is a simple and safe process whereby people can discuss their different styles of communication directly with the people they work with every day.


  • Introduction: Fifty Different Theories
  • The Key Idea: Keep It Simple: No Confrontations
  • Venting Does Not Work
  • Parameters: Focus On Simple, Concrete Behaviors
  • Parameters: Focus On The Future
  • Parameters: Keep The Group Twelve People Or Under
  • Follow-up: How To Apply The Information The Next Day


  • Improve workplace communication.
  • Develop low-stress model for managing conflicts.
  • Empower employees to work on relationships without intervention.

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