The Pitfalls of Success: When You Have Been on the Job Too Long

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: CA 214

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It takes a special kind of self-awareness to avoid typical problems of being in a position or a workplace too long. Some people develop a sense of entitlement that hampers the smooth flow of information. Others, relying on past successes, become complacent and lose the ability to experiment. Long-term tenure can become stagnation. What are the signs of problems and how can they be avoided?


  • Introduction: Case Studies Regarding The Downside Of Longterm Employment
  • The Key Idea: Most People Stay Too Long
  • What Is The Life Cycle Of Employment?
  • What Are Typical Problems Of People Who Stay Too Long?
  • Radical Delegation: Creating A Workplace Where Control Is Given Away
  • How To Avoid The Golden Handcuffs: Investing For Retirement
  • Roles For Oldtimers In Contemporary Workplaces


  • Develop new goals for longterm employees.
  • Implement term limits for committee memberships.
  • Require continuing education for all managers and leaders.

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