The Necessity of Joy

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Joy allows healing, because it removes the stress of grief and pain. Joy displaces anger, because in the joyful moment, we grab the hand of our enemy so they can join us in the dance. How do we model Joy for the people we love? Joy, that over-the-edge state of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual transcendence, is where we forget ourselves which means we forget our limits.


  • Introduction: How Will We Define Joy?
  • The Key Idea: Joy Is The Core Of Existence
  • Characteristics of Joy: Observations
  • Purpose of Joy: Speculations
  • Application of Joy: Applications
  • Stories
  • Workplace Applications


  • Create exercises that can be used for team-building and workplace breaks.
  • Incorporate “joy” in workplace and classroom training sessions.
  • Use “joy” in marketing services and products.

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