The Most Common Writing Mistake, and What You Can Do Instead

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Unless you are creating pure, fine literary art, your opus will not be as likely to succeed without a specific goal and a target audience. Are you trying to sell a newspaper’s readers on supporting a tax increase for the school district? Or soothe an angry cohort of professors via e-mail regarding a change in policy? Who is your reader, and what do you want to accomplish?


  • Introduction: Writing With Purpose
  • The Key Idea: Always Keep The Goal And Audience In Mind
  • Start With The Who: Is Print The Way To Reach Them?
  • What Facts Will Sway Them: Have You Triple-Checked Them?
  • What Tone Will Connect With Them: Formal Or Informal?
  • Getting To The Point: Ask For What You Want
  • Follow-up: How Will You Measure Success?


  • Improve effectiveness of print communication.
  • Identify which style works best for which audience.
  • Develop multiple styles for multiple audiences.

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