The Marketing Portfolio: Balancing The Past, Present And Future

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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When gathering data and opinions for a strategic plan or marketing campaign, what do you do when the collected information is filled with contradictions? Some library customers and staff want everything new and cutting edge; others prefer the traditional and familiar. To classify, analyze, and weigh the data and feedback, a portfolio that organizes your research into traditional, current, and visionary groupings can provide a more complete picture: the ratio among the three categories.


  • Introduction: Is Your Organization Mostly In the Past, Present, Or Future?
  • The Key Idea: Every Organization Has A Balance
  • The Traditional View: What People Already Love About You
  • The Market- Or Customer-Driven View: What People Are Asking For
  • The Visionary View: What You Think Is Way Cool
  • The Pros And Cons Of Each Category
  • What Is Your Organization’s Ratio? What Do You Want It To Be?


  • Create a visual evaluation tool that includes many different points of view.
  • Use the three categories to discuss conflicts with either/or arguments.
  • Establish goals based on the ratio among the three categories.

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