The Gossip Diet

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: IC 218

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Gossip can test boundaries, share feelings, opinions, and information, and create social bonds. It also can destroy reputations and careers, distort data, undermine legitimate workplace initiatives, and bully, intimidate, and vilify. A common complaint in many workplaces, yet so many people seem to be addicted. Can you resist? What would you do to stop and replace it with something better?


  • Introduction: Definitions and Descriptions
  • The Key Idea: The Broken Goblet
  • Why Not? Gossip Wounds.
  • Where Do We Receive Permission To Gossip?
  • Gossip And Rumor as Symptom and Diagnostic Tool
  • Creating a Gossip-Free Environment
  • Repairing the Damage


  • Create and enforce a no-negative gossip workplace culture.
  • Offer active substitutions for bad gossip’s attraction.
  • Implement healthy ways to deal with rumor, including take it seriously.

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