The Basics of Legibility

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Improving print legibility is about removing barriers between the image and the brain. Just because something is pretty or surprising does not guarantee that it will be read, understood, and retained, or that the viewer will act on the information. Legibility is not an exact science, and although culture and technology are changing how we read, it is worth learning how to apply old-school methods to print and electronic media.


  • Introduction: The Basis Of Better Legibility
  • The Key Idea: Improve The Impact Without Additional Costs
  • How To Talk Like A Designer
  • Old-School: What Works Best On Paper
  • New-School: What Works Best On A Computer Screen
  • Pros And Cons: Design Controversies
  • How To Improve Existing Designs


  • Improve the reader’s response.
  • Simplify designs for quicker execution.
  • Create effective templates to save time and money.

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