The Basics of Designing Databases

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Designing a system to collect, organize, store, and retrieve your data takes planning, even if you purchase the best software and have an experienced team of tech experts. Before data entry begins, you need to know how the data is already structured and what it will take for it to be useful to staff and customers. After the planning stage is completed, design decisions become more obvious.


  • Introduction: The Fable Of The Technology Consultant’s Success
  • The Key Idea: Systems Need To Be Fixed Before Technology Is Introduced
  • Start With The End User: What Do They Need To Satisfy Their Needs?
  • What Do Front Line And Back Room Staff Need To Do Their Jobs?
  • Ask Everyone, But Set Priorities
  • Start With The Basics; Let The System Grow Organically
  • Assume Change Is A Constant


  • Create databases that work predictably and accurately for staff and customers.
  • Clean and organize data before the software is created or modified.
  • Purchase software that satisfy the top priorities.

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