Ten Tips: Library Public Relations on a Frazzled Shoestring

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: LI 291

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The good news is that the basics of good library public relations does not cost a lot of time or money, and winning over the media and your community does not require a degree or special training. Professionals in advertising know that a thank-you card, a fresh-baked muffin and a photo op with a prize-winning kitten can still work, even in the era of “everything online”. Learn what you can do without breaking the library’s budget!


  • Introduction: Remember Me Fondly and Often
  • The Key Idea: Public relations is a consistent flow of information from your library to your community.
  • Ten Tips
  • The Secret: Make Them Smile
  • Bonus Section: Writing Help


  • Create a current media folder (online and in print) with library facts and figures for media and events.
  • Invite high school and college students to create press releases and media campaigns.
  • Find out how your library users get their news and promote the library to those outlets.
  • Better manage your social media with daily news bites: News that library users can use.
  • Use good humor and fine art to attract positive attention to library promotions.

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