Ten Steps: Make Your Library Not the Best Kept Secret in Town

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: LI 290

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If I talked to 100 people in your community, what would they have to say about your library? Would newcomers know about your services and programs? Would long timers know what has changed in the last five years? Would people who have never stopped by and people who have never visited be reminded regularly that they still are welcome and appreciated? How do you tell your community of the library’s value over and over?


  • Introduction: Make marketing a strategic-level goal.
  • The Key Idea: Keep your library in front of your community; don’t take for granted that they’ll always remember you.
  • Marketing Starts With Awareness
  • Guidelines
  • You Can’t Do It All.
  • Ten Steps
  • Caveats


  • Design and produce a variety of print media to distribute and display in the larger community
  • Recruit volunteers to distribute library flyers and help promote the library at community events.
  • Ensure that listings in phone books, online directories, and databases are up-to-date and accurate.
  • Create online store to sell and distribute shirts, bags, etc., with library logo.
  • Change the type of events the library offers to attract different audiences.

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