Teaching 21st Technology To 20th Century Adults

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: TK 210

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Contextual learning relates what people already know to new ideas – a necessity if you are teaching people who grew up before the era of laptops, smart phones, and the Internet. Imagine you are teaching someone to drive who had never seen a car before they were 35 years! Don’t assume your older students have the personal experience necessary to expedite learning.


  • Introduction: When Learning Is Brand-New
  • The Key Idea: Connect With The Student’s World First
  • Big Picture Versus Details: Which Comes First?
  • The Importance Of Hands-On Learning
  • Patience And Repetition: No Quick Fixes
  • We Learn Better From Our Peers: Students As Teachers
  • Get Them Back To Work: Do They Really Need So Much Theory?


  • Improve retention and application of tech information.
  • Encourage leadership roles among participants.
  • Reduce resistance to new tools and toys in the workplace.

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