How Six Teaching Models Can Benefit You And Your Students

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Inspired by the work of Elliot Eisner (Conflicting Conceptions of Curriculum, 1974), we can understand our choices as teachers and trainers as representing different sets of beliefs and values. The five (plus one) orientations that Eisner describes can explain some of the conflicts among different educational theories. It also can expand the approaches we use in the classroom.


  • Introduction: What Are Six Ways Of Thinking About Curriculum?
  • The Key Idea: Different Educational Theories Can Improve Learning
  • What Are The Costs And Benefits Of Each Orientation?
  • How Can They Be Applied In A Classroom?
  • Which Ones Do You Use, And Why?
  • Which Authors Support Each Orientation?
  • Which Will You Use To Develop New Teaching Tools?


  • Apply the benefits of all six orientations to your class work.
  • Engage educational “opponents” in collaboration.
  • Keep from getting stuck in self-limiting beliefs.

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