Reverse Strategic Planning (When You Don’t Have Time to Do It The Right Way)

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: SP 118

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Reverse strategic planning is a transparent process whereby a team, department, committee, or staff (25 people or less) shares what they are doing, based on what they think is important. Everyone creates a prioritized list, which is shared and commented upon by the entire group. This snapshot can reveal where the group is regarding its current strategic plan, and much more.


  • Introduction: A Review Of The Steps
  • The Key Idea: Prioritize, Share, Discuss, Modify: Transparently
  • What Issues Can The Process Address?
  • The Rules: Everybody Participates Actively: No Bystanders
  • Enough Time To Do It Right
  • When Not To Use The Process
  • What Happens Next?


  • Evaluate the progress of projects of events, projects, plans, and causes.
  • Reveal issues with how resources are being used.
  • Create a working strategic plan based on what people are already doing.

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