Recruitment and Retention: Finding And Keeping Quality Employees In Small Communities

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: SV 216

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The secret to finding great employees in small communities is to become a talent scout. Can you judge the value of an potential employee without looking at credentials and experience? Can you find people willing to grow and learn? How flexible are you regarding job-sharing, internships, partnering with local colleges, and sharing employees with other organizations?


  • Introduction: Working With A Small Pool Of Potential Employees
  • The Key Idea: Grow Your Own
  • Working With Young People And Old People
  • Military, Retirees, Stay-At-Homes, Students
  • Cultivating Pipelines To Good Employees
  • Why Do People Work? It Is Not Just Money
  • Always Be Recruiting: Building Your Private Pool


  • Build a network of people to find potential employees.
  • Develop a training program to attract new hires.
  • Partner with educational institutions to recruit and train prospects.

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