Quick and Cheap Strategic Planning for the Library

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: LI 232

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Strategic planning for your library should not cause despair. A simple five-step model, which uses everyday words and immediately identifies who is accountable for each result, works especially well for smaller libraries, where strategic planning is a new idea for leaders and staff, or when a more complex plan has stalled (or died).


  • Introduction: Why Is Strategic Planning Important?
  • The Key Idea: Focus on what will help support the better future of the people, institutions, and communities you serve.
  • Input: People, Places, Things, Numbers
  • Big Goals: Years And Decades
  • Projects: Months, Quarters, And Years
  • Tasks: Daily, Weekly, And Monthly
  • Feedback: How Will We Know We Were Successful?


  • Ensure continuous process to learn concerns and goals of the community your library serves.
  • Identify three major change goals for coming year.
  • Identify three target audiences that will impact service decisions.
  • Translate big strategic goals into project assignments.

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