Presentation Skills: Ask for Money, Teach a New Skill, Influence an Audience

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: IC 214

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Do you need to teach, inform, or convince an audience? Let’s pretend it is just you on a stage or at the front of a room, with no technology except a microphone. Why are you speaking? Who is your audience? How will you engage them in a dialog, not a monolog? And what happens when someone starts yelling from the back row?


  • Introduction: Stand On Your Feet, And Ask For What You Want
  • The Key Idea: You Are Selling Your Idea As Much As Your Words
  • Who Is Your Audience, And Why Should They Care?
  • Preparation: Content Versus Style Versus How Much Time
  • Creating A Script: Breaking Down The Steps
  • How To Turn A Lecture Into A Presentation
  • Details That Make A Difference


  • Improve confidence while presenting.
  • Create more effective classes and speeches.
  • Build rapport with audiences more predictably.

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