Old School? New School? How Generational and Cultural Differences Are Assets In Your Workplace

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: OD 211

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We live in an era of stereotyping people based on age and culture. The past (old), present (relevant), and future (new) are labeled as different sets of ideas that are either “good” or “bad”. Instead, what if the strategy is to harvest great ideas wherever and whenever they occur? Learn why “old-school, new-school” collaborations benefit everyone. Look at your world with “fresh eyes”.


  • Introduction: Where Did The Labels Come From?
  • The Key Idea: Blend The Best Of The Old And The New.
  • What Are We Talking About: Finding Common Ground
  • Experience Versus The Fresh Canvas
  • Longtimers: Are They More Entitled?
  • Newtimers: Are They More Relevant?
  • Guidelines For A Timeless Workplace


  • Evolve a workplace where everyone’s work is valued.
  • Encourage conversations among diverse employees.
  • Create better products and services through intergenerational communication.

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