Pattern Research Networking Open House

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: LL 001

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This is a FREE networking event for people who like having conversations. Space is limited, and you must register to attend.

Sunday, August 21, 2016; 2–5 pm (MDT)
Studios at Overland Crossing
2205 S. Delaware St., Denver, CO 80223

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No music or entertainment.
No agenda, speeches, or themes.

We won’t accost you to join a universal cause, contribute to fundraiser, vote for a politician, buy a condo in Mexico, join a multi-level marketing business, or sign a petition.

Since 1975, Leif Smith and Pat Wagner (that’s us) have been holding events with the purpose of letting interesting people connect with other interesting people. We believe in the power of networking: information and idea exchange for mutual benefit. The folks we attract to these events tend to be innovators and very good at making connections. They span a variety of professions, interests, and political and philosophical points of view.

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