Mistakes Even Competent Job-Hunters Can Make

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: CA 111

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Even in a tired economy, there are employers hiring. However, sometimes job-hunters get in their own way. Without specific goals, expert help, a familiarity with social media, active networking, and the willingness to receive and act on feedback–including hard news about the need to upgrade skills and emotional intelligence–success is less likely. Even intelligent and experienced job-hunters might need a course correction.


  • Introduction: What Are The Basics?
  • The Key Idea: One Inflexible Strategy Is Not Enough
  • Do You Really Want A New Job?
  • Are You Willing To Change Direction And Location?
  • Are You Willing To Address Skills And Attitudes?
  • What Advice Are You Rejecting?
  • Are You Paying Attention To Your Potential Employer’s Needs And Wants?


  • Better evaluate your current job-hunting plan.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your resume.
  • Adjust goals and priorities to increase probability of success.

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