Marketing As If Your (Job, Institution, Career, Office, Business, Agency) Depends On It

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Marketing is more than fancy brochures and a new logo. It is based on immersing yourself in the world of your customers: understanding their values, their preferences, their problems, and the words they use. The biggest mistake we make is trying to offer services, products, and programs without first seeing, hearing, and understanding the world from their point of view.


  • Introduction: Marketing Is Awareness, Change, And Response
  • The Key Idea: Master Your Customers’ Points Of View
  • Marketing Is A Big Umbrella: Product Development, Public Relations, Advertising, Customer Relations
  • Awareness Of Your Customers’ Issues: Which Will You Help Solve?
  • Change Because Of Their Behavior And Feedback
  • Respond By Showing Them How They Will Benefit By Spending Time And Money With You
  • Why Most Marketing Efforts Fail


  • Improve sales and service figures with better rapport with customers.
  • Introduce customer feedback from the beginning in product and service development.
  • Improve response to advertising by emphasizing customer benefits.

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