Make Better Choices with the Use of Graphic Models

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: PM 216

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The visual representation of data can twist facts, but it also can help individual and groups analyze information in order to make better decisions. From the simplest grid to complex charts, the process of collecting and transforming data is as important as the tools that are created.


  • Introduction: Demonstrations Aid Conversation
  • The Key Idea: Writing And Synthesizing For Analysis
  • Start Simple: Two Columns Or A Simple Grid
  • What Mistakes Can Graphic Models Address?
  • What Mistakes Can Graphic Models Make?
  • Examples Of Effective Modeling
  • Case Studies: Applying Theories To Real-Life Situations


  • Reduce errors in comparing data for decision-making.
  • Create compelling visuals to ground group discussions.
  • Reduce “noise” during debates on issues by using graphic representations.

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