Library Book Sales and Book Stores (Including Online Sales)

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: LI 215

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Library book sales can bring a community together or create a privileged elite, provide new life for used books or line the pockets of unscrupulous collectors, provide extra income for cash-strapped libraries or be a drain on paid staff as well as take up valuable space. What can you do to update your book sale strategies? How can you decide what is working and what needs to change? And what is the problem with big changes?


  • Introduction: Four Basic Steps
  • The Key Idea: If the plan is in your head, there is no plan.
  • Donations: Money, Engagement, and The Downside
  • The Necessity of a Strategic Plan: Partners, Goals, Budgets, and Deadlines
  • Who Is In Charge?
  • Evaluations
  • Resources and Books


  • Create a plan for using book donations as part of collection development and community outreach.
  • Evaluate existing and proposed book sales for real costs and profits.
  • Research and execute partnerships with online sellers and other libraries.

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