Knowledge Management in Small Organizations

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: OD 210

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What do you keep in your head? Small organizations often run on the knowledge and experience of a few key people. The overhead of identifying, capturing, archiving, and retrieving that wisdom could be a full-time job for everyone. So, how can important historical knowledge be corralled and used without bringing the day-to-day work to a halt?


  • Introduction: What Is Knowledge Management?
  • The Key Idea: Do A Little As You Go
  • Developing Cheat Sheets
  • Sharing Online
  • Interviewing Longtimers And Bosses
  • Audio And Video Captures
  • Is Knowledge Management A Waste Of Time?


  • Smooth and speed up transitions for new hires and promotions.
  • Maintain and use the collected wisdom of experienced employees.
  • Avoid big mistakes from the past.

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