Is It A Book? What To Do Next If You Want to Write and Publish

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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The e-book revolution has made it easier than ever for first-time authors to write and publish. But is a good idea and decent writing skills enough? Writing and publishing a book is like starting a business, and the creative part is probably 10% of the work. Researching your competition, making sure every fact and idea is double-checked, figuring out finances, and plotting out the editing, design, marketing, and technology happens before you write a word.


  • Introduction: An Overview Of How You Evaluate Your Idea
  • The Key Idea: Most Of The Work Starts Before You Start Writing
  • The Master List: What To Accomplish Before You Start Writing
  • How To Objectively Evaluate Your Writing And Illustration Skills
  • Fiction Versus Nonfiction Issues
  • Who Is Publishing Similar Titles, And How Well Are They Doing?
  • Do You Have Time, Resources, And Energy To Market A Book?


  • Create a marketing plan before you start writing.
  • Build a team to improve the quality of your book.
  • Build a timeline for publicity deadlines.

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