Introduction to Library Board Governance

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: BA 110

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Library boards, whether appointed or elected, advisory or governing, have oversight over the director, as well as approve of the budget, the strategic plan, and the policies. Micromanagement is a mistake, as well as what we call the “captive board”, which does nothing. So what are the roles of the board members, directors, staff, volunteers, and the greater community?


  • Introduction: The Purpose Of A Library Board
  • The Key Idea: Learn And Play The Right Role To Support Your Library
  • The Relationship Between Board And Library Director
  • Leadership, Management, And Task Duties For Library Boards
  • Basic Strategic Plan, Budgets, And Policies Oversight
  • Relationship With Staff And Community
  • Relationship With Friends Groups And Library Foundation


  • Improve your library’s capacity to serve.
  • Support the effectiveness of your library director.
  • Build better relationships with library support organizations.

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