Internal Customer Service: Everyone is a Customer

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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One definition of a customer is anyone in a workplace with whom we have a transaction, exchanging value for value. If we don’t limit value to money, customer service applies to everyone, regardless of position. What if we applied the same standards of courtesy and problem-solving to coworkers as we do to the external customer?


  • Introduction: What Is Internal Customer Service?
  • The Key Idea: Leverage The Success Of Your Coworkers
  • Understand Your Workplace’s Big Picture
  • Lateral Management: Build Better Workplace Relationships
  • Fight The “It’s Not My Job” Syndrome
  • When Is Customer Service Interference?
  • Rewarding Team Work Success


  • Set priorities based on the organization’s strategic plan.
  • Learn how your work impacts the success of coworkers.
  • Treat everyone who works at every level with courtesy.

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