Instead of a Resume, Create a Job-Hunting Brochure

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: CA 113

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Instead of a formal resume, create a engaging brochure or flyer that can offer you a more flexible approach for marketing your services. A well-crafted brochure will stand out from the pack and allow a job-hunter to seek work in untraditional settings where formal resumes don’t work. It also doubles as a promotional piece for finding part-time work and projects that might lead to full-time, permanent positions.


  • Introduction: The Different Between Resumes And Job-Hunting Brochures
  • The Key Idea: Focus On The Employer’s Point Of View
  • What Can You Offer An Employer?
  • Different Brochures For Different Skill Sets
  • Writing Engaging Copy
  • The Pros And Cons Of Temporary And Part-Time Projects
  • The Need For A Writing Buddy


  • Inventory marketable skills.
  • Write advertising copy that emphasizes the employer’s needs.
  • Create a brochure to promote a job search.

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