Improve Your Writing With Better Word Picks

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Engage your reader and make the dullest topic memorable by applying the tools competent writers employ: the dictionary, the thesaurus, and the best works of better writers. What secrets do professionals use to surprise and delight their readers? What stuff (hint) should you avoid, and needs to be dumped, as quick as a wink (hint hint)? Forsooth, what can we learn (and unlearn) from poets? And what mistakes do even the greats make?


  • Introduction: Do You Want To Be Quotable?
  • Key Idea: The Best Word Is Inevitable
  • The Tools Of The Trade: The Reference Shelf
  • Eat And Drink The Best
  • Words To Avoid. Please.
  • Writing Exercises
  • Resources


  • Increase your influence through improved writing skills.
  • Make yourself more “publishable”.
  • Help co-workers and employees improve their writing as well.

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