Imagine No Committees: Better, Faster, Fewer Meetings

Presented by: Pat Wagner

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Program Number: SV 119

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Committees are ingrained in the management and governance of many types of institutions. The upside is ensuring team members are involved, information is shared, and brainstorming creates more choices. The down side? The cost of projects multiplies by the number of people hours spent discussing an issue that is the job of one person to decide.


  • Introduction: The Committee Diet
  • The Key Idea: Let People Do The Jobs They Were Hired For
  • Defining Roles And Accountability Can Reduce Need For Committees
  • Preparing For Meetings: What Can Be Accomplished?
  • Setting Agendas: Goals And Priorities
  • What Are Committees Good For?
  • What Can Happen Instead Of A Meeting?


  • Save staff time and reduce project costs.
  • Substitute committees for competent individual oversight.
  • Reduce the amount of time people spend in committee meetings.

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